Introducing the Language Rich Preschool

The most comprehensive program for jumpstarting preschoolers' speech and language skills in the classroom.

This self paced, online course is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you how to create a language rich classroom like a pro — but also teaches you simple strategies and gives you ideas for easy activities and the resources to implement them.

Proudly created by an experienced Speech Language Pathologist with over 15 years experience collaborating with Preschool Educators.

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Why should I care about creating a language rich preschool?

Children learn language at a phenomenal rate in their early years (about ten words a day!) through listening, watching, exploring, copying, responding, interacting and playing with others. 

By creating a language rich preschool, you can capitalize on this window of learning and jumpstart their language skills, setting them up for success in elementary school and beyond! 


Before I tell you about the course, let's talk about who this is really for ...

βœ… educators who want to support their students speech and language skills but don't have time to figure out how to or to prepare extra lessons

βœ… educators who see the increase of speech and language difficulties in preschool children and want to help but don't know how

βœ… educators who desire to give their student's the richest language experience to prepare them for the elementary years

βœ… educators who have been given loads of recommendations but have no support in putting them into action

βœ… educators who are frustrated in taking PD that doesn't explain HOW to build language skills (they focus only on the why)

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

The Language Rich Preschool will give you the resources, inspiration, and information to creating and implement a language rich environment for your students.


By the end of this course, you will have mastered how to:

Define Speech and Language

Understand the difference between these two domains so you can use appropriate strategies.

Identify the Milestones for Kids Ages 3-5

So you know which skills are age-appropriate to model and develop in your students.

Explain the Features of a Language Rich Preschool

to others so they can understand the importance of the environment you are providing.

Use Language Stimulating Strategies

throughout the school day so you can help your students reach their full potential! 

Use Strategies for Speech Sound Development

to help your students pronounce sounds clearly and be understood by their peers and family.

Set up a Language Rich Classroom

so your students are immersed in an environment that encourages their speech and language development.

Use Classroom Routines to Develop Key Language Skills

so you can effortlessly encourage speech and language development throughout the day.

Know When to Make a Speech Therapy Referral

so that your students who would benefit from individualized support from an SLP can access services. 

But above all else....

The Language Rich Preschooler will give you the confidence to create a language rich preschool for your students without a tonne of work!


Here is what is included in the course 


Copies of the slides of all modules to print and help you keep on track while completing the video lessons. 


9 Pre-recorded Video Modules so you can watch anytime - at your own convenience! Use the Kajabi app on your phone or view on your computer!

Handouts + Resources

Loads of easy to use resources (classroom labels, sound cheat sheets, sound cue cards, visual supports, language stimulating sheets for different routines and classroom areas, dramatic play props) to help you implement the ideas, activities, and strategies taught in the course. Just print and go! They are all no-prep and ready to use!

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of over $600.... 

but because I am so excited to have you, I am giving you the opportunity to enroll for just $147 USD! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

So, are you ready to start building speech and language skills in your preschool classroom - without any extra work?!


The Language Rich Preschool Course is ready for you!

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This course is for you if....

You know Speech and Language Development is important

but you have no idea how to help your students without adding loads of work to your plate.

You want to use speech and language strategies

and you want to learn evidence based strategies quickly, efficiently, and in the comfort of your own home.

You want to grow your library of speech and language resources

and you don't know where to look, what to buy and or what will be most effective for your students.

You don't feel supported in helping your students 

and you want actionable tips, activities, and strategies that are easy to implement and will benefit all the students in your class.

Still not sure?

Email me at [email protected].

I will answer any questions you have and help you decide if the course is a fit for your goals!

Do you know how important you are?


Because I do.

Over the last 15 years, I have personally seen the amazing impacts educators  make on their students' language development. I want to help you create a language rich preschool!

During my time working closely with preschool educators, I tried SO many strategies and activities. Through all that trial and error (and lots of research), I discovered what really works (and what is actually doable for the busy educator!). 

Are you ready to become a confident language builder and transform your preschool classroom?

I hope you are because I can’t wait to meet you and cheer you on inside the Language Rich Preschool!

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