Introducing the Play Based Articulation Handbook 

A comprehensive guide that provides you with everything you need to use play based therapy to target articulation with children of all ages. 

Just imagine being able to follow the child's lead and know that you can target their speech sounds WITHOUT a plan, WITHOUT flashcards, and getting more trials than EVER!

Anna is a lover of play based speech therapy and has poured her 15 years of experience into this all-in-one guide so you can feel confident and simply your therapy!


Let's talk about who the Play Based Articulation Handbook is for

  ✅ SLPs who want to use Play Based Speech Therapy to target articulation but don't know how. 

✅ SLPs who are want to add another tool to choose from to their therapy toolkit.

  ✅ SLPs who desire to give their students fun and motivating sessions.

  ✅ SLPs who have been using Play Based Articulation but want more ideas and tips.

  ✅ SLPs who know how important play is but aren't sure how to target articulation targets naturally in play.

   ✅ SLPs who want to use things they already own to target articulation in play.

  If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

  The Play Based Articulation Handbook will give you the resources, inspiration, and information to create and   implement Play Based Articulation Sessions.

What's included in the Play Based Articulation Handbook?

 Everything you need to level up your play based articulation therapy! 

  • Step by Step Guide for eliciting sounds in play and how to get LOADS of trials
  • Play Based¬†Cheat Sheets for 20¬†phonemes:¬†each sound includes word lists, 6-7¬†low prep activity ideas with detailed instructions, dramatic play ideas, gross motor ideas, fine motor ideas, and game/toy/books/songs¬†suggestions¬†¬†
  • 50 Common Play Based Articulation Targets with loads of ideas to elicit the word in different play scenarios
  • Target Word Lists and detailed Elicitation Ideas for 20 Common Toys and Games
  • Easy Hacks to get more trials in games, playing with toys, and in play scenarios
  • Handouts for Parents
  • Therapy Planning Sheets
  • Tips for Setting up and choosing Activities
  • Trouble Shooting Tips‚Äč and FAQs

......and a few more surprises! You can download the Table of Contents here.

When you add that all up, that's a 300 dollar value...

but because I want EVERY SLP to feel confident using PLAY in therapy it is available for 99 USD.


The Play Based Articulation Handbook will become your go-to Play Based Articulation Resource!

Answering Frequently Asked Questions....

If you're thinking, "this sounds great but I'm still not 100% sure" keep
reading! You should snag the Handbook if:

You didn't learn about Play Based Articulation Therapy in Grad School

and you to feel confident targeting articulation targets in motivating and meaningful sessions.

 You have tried using Play Based Articulation Therapy but don't feel confident

and aren't interested in spending months (or years!) of trial and error to figure out what works.

You are tired of spending hours prepping for sessions

and want to regain your time by learning how to take anything and 'make it work' to target any phoneme!

You want to use play to target articulation with kids of all ages

but aren't sure how. You know kids of all ages need to play - but you need tips and tricks to bring play into your articulation sessions.

Still not sure? 

Email me at¬†[email protected]!

I will answer any questions you might have and help you decide if the Handbook is a fit for your professional goals!

What others are saying ...


"As an experienced Play Based Therapist, I was reluctant if I needed this book but all I can say is that I am so happy I got it! It includes so many ideas, tips, tricks, and lists. I am never going to have to plan therapy again!"


"As a new grad, I have NO idea how to use Play Based Therapy. All I learned was to do drill! The "how to" handouts have been a lifesaver and it's so easy to plan and choose my therapy session activities!


"All I can say is WOW! What I have seen is SO comprehensive. Anna didn't leave ANYTHING out. You will feel so confident heading into your sessions! This is a must for ALL Pediatric SLPs! 


I'm Anna. I'm a Mother, TPT Author, Blogger, Private Practice Owner, a Speech Therapist, and a Dreamer.


Over the last 15 years as an SLP, I have seen the impact that simple and easy activities to target articulation can have on my student's progress and engagement.

I want to empower you so that you can target articulation in play with kids of all ages- without adding anything to your plate.

I have helped thousands of Speech-Language Pathologists feel confident using play based speech therapy. Will you be next?


Want a free sample of the Handbook?

 Download the K Articulation Unit and the Toy Farm Cheat Sheet!