Language Rich Preschooler

What if yocould easily build your preschooler's speech and language skills during everyday activities? 

The Language Rich Preschooler was designed to equip caregivers and educators to help build language skills in preschoolers in the classroom and at home.

In these comprehensive step-by-step programs, you will learn to build language through the use of simple and effective strategies in daily routines.

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I'm Anna. I'm a Mother, TPT Author, Blogger, Private Practice Owner, a Speech Therapist, and a Dreamer.

Over the last 15 years as an SLP, I have seen the impact that simple and easy to use strategies can have on a child's language development - both in my practice and in my own home.

I want to empower you so that you can build language skills in the preschooler(s) in your life - without adding anything to your plate.

I have helped thousands of caregivers and educators jumpstart their preschooler's speech and language skills. Will you be next?

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The Language Rich Preschooler features 2 different courses, one for caregivers and one for educators.

The Language Rich Preschool provides strategies for the Preschool classroom while The Language Rich Household provides strategies for the home.

Both are designed to develop language skills in preschoolers in their everyday environments. 

The Language Rich Preschool: A Course for Educators


Help your students develop their language skills using simple strategies during classroom routines! I used to think that students needed to be pulled out of the classroom to improve their speech and language skills. Now I know that children can be language learners anywhere! 

Simple additions to what you are already doing in the classroom can make a world of difference to your students. I’ll teach you exactly how you can develop your students' language skills during classroom routines (and give you the resources to do so!).

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The Language Rich Household: A Course for Caregivers


Help your child develop their language skills using simple strategies during everyday activities - like meals, in the car, at the store, and story time! You can help your child be a language learner in their every day activities.

Simple additions to your what you are already doing at home can make a huge impact on your child's language development. I’ll teach you exactly how you can develop your child's language skills during everyday activities - without adding any extra "to dos" to your list! 

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Course Enrolment Options 

Language Rich Household

$115 USD

  • 7 on demand modules 
  • Designed for busy caregivers
  • Focused on building speech and language in the home 
  • Loads of practical activity ideas
  • Handouts and printable resources included

Language Rich Preschool

$147 USD

  • 9 on demand modules 
  • Designed for busy educators
  • Focused on building speech and language in the classroom
  • Loads of practical activity ideas
  • Handouts and printable resources included

Can't Decide? Take Both!

$180 USD

Value of $262 USD

  • Access to both courses and all resources
  • Perfect for SLPs who work with preschoolers in the home and in the classroom 
  • Access for 2 years and copies of all slides included with both courses

What others are saying.. 


"As a preschool teacher, I have personally worked with Anna in the classroom for many years. Her ideas practical, easy to implement, and effective. her suggestions and ideas do not overwhelm me - they encourage me. When she told me she was creating this course, I knew it was going to be incredible. I would recommend this course to any Preschool Educator."


"I was one of the first parents to have access to this course and all I can say is WOW! As a mom of four, I was worried I wouldn't have time to finish the course and use the ideas but I couldn't stop watching! The Kajabi app makes it so easy to take the course and the ideas are simple but work SO well. They are so practical and easy to add into our everyday life. If you're looking to help your child, this course is a must!"


"I have worked in preschools as an Assistant for years. I have met many SLPs who share strategies and activities that are difficult to implement and time consuming. This course was a breath of fresh air. The ideas and content are so practical, easy, and fun! I was able to use so many nuggets the same day I completed the course. 10/10 stars!"