Do you want to know what lights me up? 

Being able to pair my creativity with my knowledge to help others. 

I am so dang fortunate that this profession allows me to do so over and over again, in so many ways.

I want to empower you to help build speech and language skills in the children you are so lucky to have in your life. The best part is that I want you to use what you're using and do what you're already doing! I promise we will loads of fun and laughs along the way.

A little bit about me...

I am a mom to two young boys and a wife. These are the two most important roles I have and the ones that bring me the most joy.

I am a Teachers Pay Teachers Author. I love turning my passion for play-based therapy into products that allow therapists to use a few simple activities with their ENTIRE caseload!

I am a course creator. I am the co-creator of the Play Based Speech Therapy Course and the creator of the Language Rich Preschooler Courses. 

I own a Private Speech Therapy Practice, where I service children ages 4-8 in my community.

I am the most organized, yet scatterbrained person you will ever meet. Everything in my office is color-coded and sorted perfectly. At the same time, I usually can't find my keys and typically have spilled something on my shirt by 10 am. I never take myself too seriously and I am always the first to laugh at myself because life is for learning.